Well, my name is Rodolfo Maraldi, I am 42 yeas old. Spaghettienduro™ was my  dream, now is a real fact.
In the past I’ve been riding all sorts of motorbikes. In my youth I had a blast with MX but now is 10 years that I am devoted to the enduro world.
On a daily basis I work as the Art Director of Endurista Magazine, the most important enduro magazine in Italy that it’s about everything that orbit around the enduro legacy. I write, I shoot pictures, I am involved in all sorts of national and international events for motor tests and competitions. This give me the chance to keep in touch with real needs and requirements of our costumers and followers.
I am madly in love with my region and my country in general, one of the reason that pushed me to start this project is that I feel the urge to help the outsider to keep they business alive! Riding around Our territory I found hidden gems that are waiting to be experienced.
I can assure you I had the best and most authentic and traditional meals of my life in those places up there!

Some wonderful fantasy that’s out of reach for many peoples, but not for Us!

I’ve learned the Map. I’ve found and marked the old mule-tracks, trail that cut through mountains and forrest, network of waterways and when I had it all in my hands, I honestly thought: I could be the perfect guide! I feel so lucky that i live here!