Spaghetti Western in the Eastern side of Italy

It all started with a reunion of a bunch of crazy heads from the hood, lost in the wilderness of our beautiful region, Emilia Romagna, riding Our beloved enduro motorbikes. The enjoyment was so pure, uplifting, and overwhelming that it started to be a must to share.
Reason why we started our project of Spaghettienduro™.

We focus on the enhance our territory the best way: the offroad way.
Riding loose in a dreamy setting, crossing mountains in deep forest, jumping hills and wade through rivers, searching and discovering old sites, visiting medioeval villages isolated in rural area.

Everything made possible by the fact that we are expert guides, still enjoying what we do best: to have fun!

Our tours have no limit in time and everybody is welcome.
With Spaghettienduro™ you can customize the tour according to your driving skills.

I am madly in love with my region and my country in general, one of the reason that pushed me to start this project
is that i feel the urge to help the outsider to keep they business alive!

Discover Video section to get a clearer idea of ​​our proposals.
If you have already participated in one of our tours, browse the photos of your day.

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