Our tours have no limit in time and everybody is welcome.
With Spaghettienduro™ you can customize the tour according to your driving skills.
Here are some samples of what our ideal tours looks like.

1 Enduro Vergins

“Onroad bikers” become “offroad” enduro bikers.

2 Adventouring

Scenic, fast and flowing routes, alternating with gravel roads and more challenging mule tracks. A lunch break in the best local restaurants is a must. The tour is suitable for all types of motorcycles, from specialist enduro to big twin-cylinder bikes.

3 Pure Enduro

Routes mainly with an enduro style. From the most “challenging” enduro where you can test yourself as narrow paths, steep mule tracks and dizzying descents to smoother and more panoramic routes. We have routes suitable for every wrist.

4 Training

For those approaching enduro for the first time, or for those coming from other motorcycle disciplines. We teach the first rudiments of clawed wheels starting from the riding position up to the correct setting of the bike.

A typical training day can be structured as:

Morning: theoretical part
Afternoon: after lunch, ride along off-road route. Maximum safety with protective technical clothing.

Rent Motorbikes

If you don0t have a motorbike, Spaghettienduro ™ make available Beta Motorcycles to rent.
Motorcycles must be booked approximately ten days before.

Request a quote for the rental of one or more motorcycles.

How to Partecipate

To participate our tours, you need a moto driving license. It is essential to always have the number plate mounted, wear suitable technical clothing and specific off-road tires are recommended.
The motorcycles we rented are in compliance with the CDS and have an insurance policy.
We highly recommend using mousse or other anti-puncture systems on your motorcycles.
Before each tour there is a short briefing where we will illustrate the basic rules to participate and have fun without problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

You need a motorcycle driver’s licence.

To those who want to discover new places and love to free their spirit to nature.

No, it isn’t dangerous because tours are custom made to you. All the motorcycle’s protective equipment is a Must.

Our tours are for all kind of riders.

One or more days. As long as You have the power to ride with fun.

We are able to suggest and find Hotels, Farmhouses or camping area to please all your needs.

Yes of course.

No limits.

Yes of course.

Yes of course, we have motorbikes and equipment for rent.

Send Us an e-mail throu our web site form and we will contact You as soon as possible.

Rodolfo Maraldi | Off Road Guide

Spaghettienduro™ was my dream, now is a real fact. 
Riding around our territory I found hidden gems that are waiting to be experienced.

Some wonderful fantasy that’s out of reach for many peoples, but not for us!
I’ve learned the Map. I’ve found and marked the old mule-tracks, trail that cut through mountains and forrest, network of waterways and when I had it all in my hands I honestly thought I could be the perfect guide!
I feel so lucky that I live here!

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    positive review  Posti stupendi, percorsi per tutte le abilità, ragazzi simpaticissimi e preparatissimi, ottima cucina, cosa chiedere di più per chi ama l’enduro? Fossi più vicino andrei una volta a settimana!👏🏻👍🏻🔝

    Riccardo Zanellato Avatar Riccardo Zanellato
    2 June 2021

    5 star review  Qui da noi non sembra ma fecendo enduro fai delle strade e finisci in dei posti stupendi..

    Alessandro Gorini Avatar Alessandro Gorini
    14 November 2014

    positive review  professionalita,bellissimi posti,amicizia,enduro per tutti i livelli. Compagnia del gruppo al top . Dimenticavo a tavola super

    Roberto Scutteri Avatar Roberto Scutteri
    11 February 2020

    5 star review  Tanta esperienza e tanta versatilità,ottima guida e ottimi posti!!Mi ha fatto avvicinare a questo sport

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    3 January 2015